Thursday, March 12, 2015


Finally I can see the beauty of Angelonia.
When we had house reconstruction, so many plants on my garden had damaged and died.
One of my collection that damaged and died was Angelonia.
I planted three varieties angelonia; blue, pink and blue striped white.
All have damaged.

After the reconstruction, I looked for this lovely flower.
But I only found the blue variety.

I think no problem, the important thing for me is I can see the beauty.

I should 'hunt' the other varieties of this plant.
But when I visited some nurseries, I didn't find the other varieties.

I really love their lovely colors.
So beautiful...
And the aromatic scent is so refreshing, especially after the they get watered or crushed.

I hope I can add the other colors of Angelonia in to my little garden, soon.
So there will be more butterflies come and fly.