Thursday, May 29, 2014


Today is a holiday...
We are visiting my father's house.
This is a special day, cause today is my Father's birthday.
As usual I'm making 'Nasi Kuning' for him.
Thank you for all of your love, time, hard works, learning and everything that you have been giving to me and all of your sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters.
We pray for your happiness.
Happy birthday...
Wish you all the best... 


I also visited my friend that her house is near my father's house.
Enjoy the green scenery...
A terrace rice field...

As usual, we talk about everything, a very nice conversation.
My girl was very happy walked along the pathway on the rice field beside my friend's house.


We picked some Sawo (Manilkarla zapota) in her little garden.
Look... my friend looks so busy selected and picked ripe Sawo from the tree.


I took home a bag of Sawo.
I also took Torch Ginger plant to be grown in my garden. 
So, I have fruits supplies for this week, also new plant collection in my garden


A tiring day, but so exciting...
Enjoy the green day with my lovely persons...


  1. I hope your father had a lovely birthday.

  2. The photo of her walking through the rice field is so nice. What a wonderful visit!

    1. Thank you. I often visit her house in order to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful nature.

  3. It looks like you had a lovely day, I hope your father enjoyed his birthday.

  4. The padi field look so green and calm. Its remind me to my village.

    1. Yes, padi field (sawah) is so lovely. It makes me always miss my hometown.

  5. The rice field reminds me of our trip to China, How far away do you live from your father? What a beautiful town he lives in.


    1. Oh, actually the distance is about 30 kilometers. Yes, Some villages in Asia have almost similar condition.