Friday, September 13, 2013


When I was walking home from work this afternoon, I met my neighbor in front her house.
She looked so busy with her 'garden'.
She greet me and invited me to stopping by for a moment.
She said "Come here, please! I have some sweet potatoes for you. Thanks for the seeds yesterday! How about my garden today?"
I came closer to her.
"Great job! So wonderful garden! Wow... sweet potatoes... thank you so much!"
Then we got a simply discussion.
She is one of my 'follower'.
My hobby is gardening and loving all natural thing.
I love encourage others to love gardening and green living.
Actually my neighbor haven't rest land anymore.
She use whole of her land for her house building.
So I gave her some advice to realize her dream: 'own vegetables garden'. 
The first strategy was zero cost gardening. 
We used waste and residual material for this garden. 
Very very cheap....
We often got some discussion about her garden. 
She really happy cause she can save her money. 
Most of her vegetables were picked from her own garden.
I'm so glad cause I could encourage others and make them able to help their self.
This is her 'extraordinary' garden...

My neighbor in front her house
Her front yard is 2 meters width alley.
And the vista is high and long building foundation and a little gutter for drainage.
You can check the pictures.
But right now she use the wall (building foundation) as a vertical garden.
And she covered  the gutter with some containers and pots that full of plants.
So... she have a green and beautiful vista right now.

Plentiful green beans

The green bean grown so well on the plastic bag

lettuce in rubbish bin and rice bucket

Celery on the biscuit cans

green onion on the plastic ball

Green mustards on the various containers

Sweet potatoes in the helmet

Look the green wall...

Kang kong and cabbages

view from the porch

Now... we can't see the gutter

Simple vertical garden

Climbing on the wall

hot pepper on the helmet

Sweet potatoes on the rice bucket, bottles and water bucket


  1. This is Extra, Extraordinary!!!! May I please use some of your photos on my Beauregard Master Gardeners board on Pinterest? The plant in the motor helmet is quite a great idea. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. That's ok. So you can read the next following post about extraordinary garden.

  3. Absolutely amazing, what an incredible garden. Lovely post. Ann

  4. wow that is amazing...so sweet of you to encourage her. Love this Post!