Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Coffee (Coffea sp) is a perennial plant. 
The plant is a shrub or tree of the Rubiaceae family. 
It's start fruiting on the 3rd years after planting for arabica coffee, and 4th years for robusta coffee.
Optimum yield will be obtained from 5 years old after planting.
Both of them are the most popular coffee in Indonesia.
For the first fruiting for arabica, each plant can produce about 1-2 kilograms of fruits or equal with 0.2 - 0.4 kilograms of  dry seeds (coffee bean). 
The optimum production is about 5 kilograms of fruits or equal with 1 kilogram of dried seeds (coffee beans). 
The peak of economic life cycle is in 5 -7 years old, but if it's pruned it will live and produce longer until 20 years even 50 years.
Coffee plant will produce twice a year.
Harvesting season occur during transition period between dry season to rainy season or rainy season to dry season.

We pick the mature fruit repeatedly during harvesting season for about 2 months.
We just pick selected fruits.
Only dark-red mature fruit will picked.
Except on finale harvesting.

Cluster of  immature fruits (arabica type)

Cluster of immature fruits (robusta type)
Can you find the differences between both of them?
Robusta leaf is bigger, thinner  and wider.
Arabica leaf is look glossy and rigid.
But robusta fruit is smaller.
Skin of robusta fruit is brighter.
The robusta tree is higher more than 4 meters.
And arabica tree just  about 2-3 meters in high.

starting preliminary harvest

 Lets choose... and pick the mature fruits

selected fruits

Over ripened fruits... ready for finale harvest

Finale harvest yield,...so varies on quality, needs to select more.

I wish you all enjoy this coffee break, and follow the next part. 
Have a nice coffee...


  1. Interesting post and lovely plants. Linda

  2. Do you actually roast the beans yourself, Endah?
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Now that you ask, I don't think many tropical fruits which are found in Asia would be good with cheese. It must something that started in Europe. I'm not sure though.

    1. Before my mother passed away, we used to roast and grind our own coffee beans product. We processed traditionally. Coffee from our garden is more tasty and aromatic than coffee that we found in the shop. Now, all of my father's coffee beans are sold. My father doesn't drink coffee any more cause of health reason.
      Thank for coming.

    2. Loved the coffee break... Learning more each time I read your blog.
      Enjoy your coffee today..

    3. Thank you Teresa. I'm glad that you find more in my blog. Have a nice day with your coffee ...