Wednesday, September 25, 2013


When I was opening my kitchen windows this morning, I found sweet and fresh fragrance blowing in to my kitchen.
I was really familiar with this fragrance... white dove orchid...

bloom... bloom... bloom...


so white...
 Yeah... my white dove orchids are blooming...!
White dove orchid (Dendrobium crumenatum) actually is a wild orchid.
In Indonesia it's well known as 'Anggrek merpati'.
Anggrek means orchid and merpati means dove.
I took it from a tree on the road side about two years ago.
They grow wildly on the tree (usually old tree with the other epiphytic).

adhere on my white mussaenda trunk...

adhere on the brick wall...

I planted the orchids on many place in my garden.
There are three place in my front yard.
They are on the trunk of my white mussaenda, bilimbi and  plumeria.
I also planted the orchid on the  brick wall in front my kitchen.

three days before...

two days before...

one day before...


I'm so lucky that many days before this orchids is blooming, I took some picture of this.
This orchid usually bloom just a day.
If  we get a lucky moment, the orchid could bloom for two days.
But only on the first day we can inhale the fragrance.
So... they are also called one day bloom orchid.

the bees build their 'home' on the orchid stalk

Wow... I also find bee nest on my orchid stalk too...
I shouldn't bothering them.
I hope they will not bothering my family too.

Can you find the bees...

Have a fragrant day with my white dove...
See you....


  1. Very beautiful photos! I have never been there.

  2. We don't have orchids here, anything like that would not make it through our below freezing winters. Very nice plant to have growing wild!

    1. In my country we have a lot of wild orchid, especially on the rain forest. But on the country road side, we still find wild orchid too. I collect some wild orchid from old trees on the road side. I planted it on tree trunks or bricks wall.
      Thank you for coming.

  3. Welcome Endah!
    All orchids are very beautiful.
    In you grow in nature.
    I love white, are exceptionally beautiful.
    I feel the irresistible scent.

    1. Thank you for coming by, Lucia.
      The white dove is one of my favorite orchid. It's grow wildly on many place, especially on the old trees. The orchid usually bloom five until six time around the year. So lovely.
      Have a nice day

  4. Wonderful orchid. Great to have that in the garden.
    Have a nice weekend,

    1. Thanks Willy. Welcome back again. Have a nice weekend too.