Friday, September 20, 2013


Have you get a cup of coffee this morning?
I made a cup of coffee milk this morning...
How about you?

Yesterday we got coffee beans.
So... What will we do with the coffee beans?
Some farmers (I think most of them) will sell it as soon as possible.
Just a few of  farmers keep their coffee on the stockroom or barn.
We use to save a little bit of our product to make our own coffee powder (home made coffee drink).

Dried broken coffee fruits
Dry coffee beans
Roasted coffee beans

In modern method, selected coffee beans will roasted on the rotated oven.
Then we put it into the coffee grinder machine and then packed.
In traditional method, selected coffee bean will roasted on crockery frying pan until the color turns dark brown  or black.
Some of coffee farmer still use traditionally process by using  big mortar and pestle that in Java are called lumpang (mortar) and alu (pestle).

My little stone mortar and pestle

Coffee grinder is only used in  the urban area, in many coffee shops.
But peoples usually using instant coffee from markets and coffee shops.

Traditionally grinding...

The result of traditionally process is coffee drink that have grout (sediment) in the glass if it's diluted into boiling water.
That is Indonesian traditional  coffee drink.

In Central Java, traditional coffee maker usually use roasted corn or rice as added blend to reduce caffeine effect from coffee powder.
It's blend more safe for our stomach.

Traditional coffee blend...


Wish you all enjoy this coffee break... and get more benefit from a cup of your own coffee.
Start the day with coffee... for you all coffee lover.
Thank you...


  1. I can almost smell your cup of coffee! Linda

  2. It is interesting to see many kinds of coffee beans.
    Green tomato

    1. I'm glad if you enjoy this coffe break. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Hello ENDAH!
    I envy you fresh and fragrant coffee.
    It's eyes are writing in your blog is very interesting exotica.
    I'm so glad that I can go out with you and get to know a lot of very interesting topics.
    I love this drink. Drinking a daily two small cups of espresso.
    Coffee bought at the market.
    The quality is not the best despite the high prices.
    I send greetings from distant Polish.

    1. As a tropical product, maybe coffee price in many sub tropics countries is very expensive. But high quality coffee is found after long process. I think that's equal between quality and price. I hope this coffee break is useful for you. Thank you for coming by.

  4. Grinding your own beans takes coffee making to a whole new level!
    It must have an amazing aroma.

    Happy Sunday,

    1. Yes Ruby, it's absolutely different. We get more pleasure if we enjoying coffee from our own garden with our own process. Great taste and aroma.
      Have a nice week.