Friday, July 18, 2014


This is one of my hanging plant collection.
Peperomia nitida variegata is an old fashion plant.

A simple plant...
The fleshy leaves and stem make this plant can stand on well on the dry soil.
But too much water is not good enough for its growth.
High humidity will stimulate top rot.

The stem is creeping horizontally, or dangling vertically.

This is a fast growing plant.
We can plant it using stem's cutting.

The variegata version is more interesting than the green version.

It has tail shape fruit.
And the mature fruits have some 'teeth'.

I should cut some shoots for seedlings.
So, I will have a lot of new plants.


  1. I have had Peperomia as houseplants several times, they don’t last for more than a few years, probably because my house is too dry in the winter and I should have sprayed it with water every day. Nice plant though.

    1. Here, in my wet climate, I only watering twice a week, no more or they become rotten. I love Peperomia, cause it does have so various shape and color.

  2. I feel like I have seen that growing in pots here but can't be sure. The variegated leaves look familiar.

    1. I'm sure you've ever seen this plant. This is a popular ornamental plant.