Sunday, January 31, 2021


January is one of the wet month of the year.
Lots of rain...
Our garden look wet and a bit mess caused by the downpour.
Some of perennial vegetables, mostly greens, are growing so well and so fast too.
But not for our annual crops, they looks so poor...
So our harvest are mostly perennial greens.
Such a shame... I often forgot to take any pictures of our harvest.
Just picked and cooked soon.
Lets check it up ...

Some edible weeds on the basket and also greens from 'Pepaya Jepang' (Cnidoscolus aconitifolius).

Kenikir leaves (Cosmos caudatus), Kembang telang or blue butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea),  hot chilies, Roselle and pumpkin flowers.

Roselle for healthy drink, and pumpkin flowers for tempura.

A kind of  Kara Wedus (Lablab purpureus), we picked the beans before the vine have pruned.

Lots of hot chilies

Lots of red roselle , We should pick them every day.

Long yard beans, cucumber, oyster mushroom and eggplant.

Hot long peppers...

"Lembayung' or young long yard bean leaves, great for  gravy soup with coconut milk.

Daun Katuk (Sauropus androgynus) great for clear soup.

We picked limes almost every day from our porch.
So refreshing make a lime drink with honey.

Lettuces, hot chilli peppers, tomato, long yard bean, and butterfly pea.

Pumpkin leaves and shoot for soup, hot chillies, long yard bean, Kara wedus, and the only one butternut pumpkin.

Twice a week we picked 'Kacang panjang' aka long yard bean (Vigna unguiculata).
We get about a handful of beans, every harvest.

Get a basket of 'Lembayung' as a bonus from pruning time.

 Lots of chayote shoots (Sechium edule) as a bonus from pruning time too. 
A lovely bonus from the invader.
Thanks GOD...


  1. Disappointing about the rain damage but your harvest is bountiful (and exotic).

  2. I had never seen white eggplants.
    A good harvest, so many vegetables, some did not know, like the blue butterfly pea or the red roselle.

  3. I admire the white eggplants. I am buying purple. Great yields. There is a lot of humidity in your country and snow and frost - 10 ° C in my country.

    1. Thank you, Lucia. yes, here, we have lots of downpour during this rainy season.
      Keep warm during your frozen time.

  4. We have the same problem with rain spoiling things. You do have a huge variety of things to harvest though.

    1. Yes, Sue. But I have loss our various Brassicas, tomatoes and lettuces. They couldn't stand out during the 'la nina' period.

  5. Hi Endah! We also have lots of rain, almost every day. Every sunny day is a treat! Not so many greens and vegetables as in your garden although :) You have a lot! Have a great February!

    1. Thank you, Tatyana. Hoping this February we will get more harvest.