Sunday, September 28, 2014


I think this dry season is a party for my chili peppers.
They looks grow so happy...
One by one show me their beautiful fruits.
Several plants have grown from my compost heap, some plants have grown from my kitchen scraps.
Yea, I often throw away my kitchen scrap or spread it on my raised beds.
You can see my kitchen scrap right now....

Several months ago, I threw some seeds of Cabe Rawit Hijau Besar (big green hot chili)on my raised bed.
As a kitchen scrap I didn't take a high expectation to these seeds.
Yeah... they could grow as volunteers.

I have never noticed this bed until I found a chili plant that full of flowers.
This bed was covered by bitter gourd vines.
When the productive period of these vines was over, I cleaned the raised bed from the old vine and I found it. 

This plant grow so healthy on the part shady area.
The green fruits are hanging on the branches, so fresh...
I guess, they are so hot.

I think this plant was free from bugs, but when I noticed all part of this plant, I found a grasshopper on the little fruit.
Oh... please...

A grasshopper again...
Two grasshopper could be a serious problem on this plant.
They could chew the leaves, flowers and also the little fruits.
Go away... please...

I wish, this plant will save and produce a plenty of fruits.
Happy gardening, and have a nice weekend


  1. Tomatoes area common feature on water treatment filter bed having passed through the sewage system. I'm not sure I'd want to pick the tomatoes but it shows how resourceful plants are in their will to grow,

    1. Oh, sounds so interesting that you can find a valuable feature, although you doesn't want it.

  2. salam endah;
    ooo ni namanya cabe rawit ya...i have 2 pots in my garden...its really hot, rite?

    1. Salam Ana,
      Yes, you're alright. This chili is fairy hot, but the little variety is much hotter.

  3. Salam Endah,

    Cabai rawit nya sungguh besar ya? Tapi cabai ini kurang pedasnya kan? Yang pedas itu cabai rawit halus (cabai kampung). Bisanya menyengat gitu!

    1. Salam Honey,
      Betul, saya tak mengira akan sebesar ini dan rasanya pun tak sepedas cabe rawit yang kecil.

  4. Ini cabe ( cabai/cili) rawit adalah tanaman wajib di rumah kakak...pedas sangat..

  5. I once had a lovely crop of pak choi from volunteer seeds. Always a lovely surprise!

    1. That's right! Great volunteers always be a lovely surprise!