Sunday, September 21, 2014


Last month my husband did repotting on his collections, Aglaonema.
He used homegrown compost as  the media.
Yes, the media was  from our compost heap.
The compost heap was consisted from kitchen scarp also so various green material from our garden.
Now... we can see so many volunteers grow so healthy on the pots.
I guess they are ready to be moved into individual and also bigger containers.
And the other will be moved into compost heap again.
Here there are...

Passion fruit seedlings, so fresh...

Tomato, striped amaranth, red amaranth, green amaranth and chili pepper...

Long peppers, so crowded...

Papaya, passion fruit and tomato.

Tomato, passion fruit, and Som jawa (Talinum paniculatum)

Papaya and passion fruits.

Tomatoes, eggplant, chili pepper and amaranths.

Tomatoes, red, green and striped amaranths.

Tomatoes, passion fruits, and eggplant.

Readers, do you have volunteer on your garden?
Do you have special thing on your compost heap?
Please share...
Happy gardening and have a nice weekend.


  1. And I bet I couldn't grow these from seed if I tried.

    1. Yes... sometimes I have fail on sowing seeds, but seeds from compost heap usually grow much better than on my seedling trays.

  2. salam endah;
    its good endah, u dun have to buy a new one...just get them from your compost bin...

  3. My mom has tomatoes growing as volunteer every year, but I have no such luck!

    1. I have noticed that volunteers usually grow much better than cultivated plants.
      I hope you will lucky.

  4. MasyaAllah... Namanya rejeki, Bu Endah. Tak sengaja tanam malah tumbuh bagus,,
    Aglaonemanya cantik,, punya saya banyak terserang hama Bu, sudah diupayakan dengan beberapa cara tak pergi juga hamanya, akhirnya diikhlaskan berpulang, dari pada tersiksa, sekarang tinggal snow white saja, :)

    1. Itu tiinggal sisa-sisa koleksi yang masih bertahan. Akhirnya, mereka ditanam dengan perawatan minimal dan media sekedarnya, tapi malah tumbuhnya lebih baik. Tapi tetap saja ada yang stagnan.