Friday, August 21, 2015


Last Monday I visited my neighbor's garden.
She is a member of our gardener community.
Just a simple 'garden tour'.
Actually, her home garden is so close from mine.
It's just a little garden, only 30 meters square.
We can find more than thirty varieties of vegetables that grown here.
Lets enjoy her tiny garden...

A little patch of carrot welcoming all of the guest.
Green onion and garlic chives grow so healthy there.

A patch of broccoli seedling looks so lush.

Just two eggplant plants with a lots of long deep purple eggplants were hanging here and there.

Lovely and healthy...

On the end of bed we can find a bamboo trellis that climbed by bitter gourd vine.

Some little bitter gourds were hanging on the vine.

Next to the bed there's a row of cabbage and strawberry on so many stage. 
The biggest stage was lay on the front side. 

The medium stage looks so lush...
And the baby seedlings was side by side...

Look... she was checking the cabbage and strawberry row.

A view of the row from her porch.

Kangkung or water spinach grow so healthy on the cookies tins.

Long yard bean grow so healthy on the edge of the garden.
Cassava stalks have planted as hedge.
She can pick greens from that hedge next.
A very productive garden.


  1. Indeed your neighbor's garden looks very productive and so healthy too! I'm always astonished how you grow so many different plants on a relatively small patch. But you can harvest more crops than we do in one year I think, it's growing faster in the warm and humid climate.

    1. Yes, you're right, Janneke. We are lucky, we can grow on our garden all year round.

  2. It's always interesting to visit other peoples gardens isn't it?

  3. It looks great. I have tried to grow eggplants a couple of times with not much luck.

    1. I have you will get lucky next season. Right now, I'm growing five varieties of eggplant on my tiny garden. I hope they will grow so well.