Monday, August 10, 2015


After my husband cut down the rambutan tree, we have more space for growing vegetable.
Actually I really want to make raised bed on this part, it might two beds could be built here.
The problem was the soil is so hard like as concrete, especially on dry season the soil also cracked.
So, pot gardening was the best choice.
Cucumber was the vegetable that I grow on this part.
We can see the progress.
This picture was taken on the first week of July.
I sowed the seeds directly on the soil.

This was on the fourth week of July.
They grew so slowly at the first.

And this was the first week of August.
Their growth looked faster than before.

And this is the patch today...

Lots of flowers...

The female flower is really promising.

Ahhh... I found a little cucumber hanging on the vine.

I hope no bug will close, so the will be grow so healthy.
I hope...
Reader, do you grow cucumber this season?


  1. Your soil sounds like some of ours, We grow the mini cucumbers now and really like them

    1. Mini cucumber... so interesting! I grew the mini cucumber three years ago, they were so lovely!

  2. Great healthy looking cucumbers. I've grown cucumbers this year, but they aren't looking too good this year.

    1. Last season, I have failed on growing cucumber. Mites have attacked that patch and destroyed all my cucumber plants before they produced some fruits.

  3. I have some raised bed plans too - hoping one of these days I get them built.

  4. That's very good progress! I don't have luck with cucumbers. My plants always die half way while fruiting !

    1. Thank you, Malar. Yes, I often fail on growing cucumber, like you. Hoping you will be lucky!

  5. Endah...my cucumbers did not do well. The vines had blooms but no cucumbers. The leaves turn yellow. Yours is so beautiful. We are getting ready to build a green house.
    I really think that I can get a great garden grown and picked before winter.
    Our coldest winter comes in January and February.

    1. I hope you can grow cucumbers on your green house. As I know, on your climate growing cucumbers in the green house during the fall will give better yield. I hope you will be lucky

  6. Salam from Malaysia Puan Endah,

    It is very interesting way of growing the cucumbers. Like yours, my backyard soil is also very hard due to many rocks.. I'm really interested to grow the cucumber like yours, can you share how you do the trellis? What material did you use?