Friday, October 26, 2018


One of my favorite plant, both of the foliage and flower are awesome. 
Collecting it is so challenging. 

In February, I started to collect more of begonia.

We have six existing collection.

And we bought eight varieties later in February.

Such a shame, I lost two of the existing begonias.

I found them rotten and decayed so fast.

Then... four of the new collection had the same condition with their beginners, rotten and died.

Polkadot... The survivor...

Several months ago, I got a wild variety.
A green variety, that mostly grown on the slope of the hill or rocky place near the river or creek.

I think it came from a flown seed.
A volunteer...

Last month, I bought two varieties of flowering begonias.

I split the brown foliage into two plants. 

Such a shame, on of them get rotten... and left me a poor plant.
And last week, I bought two varieties ... again...

Hoping they will go better than before...

I have to learn more and more how to care begonia.
Please sharing me about your experience on growing begonia.
Thank you...


  1. the flowers, red and white look so pretty.
    Love them all.
    Greeting - Evi Erlinda

  2. Begonia ini memang cantik tapi tak suka lebih air dan panas terik. Boleh di biak melalui keratan daun

    1. Terima kasih KaK Mala. Sampai saat ini, saya belum berhasil membiak dari keratan daun.

  3. You don't have to worry too much about watering your begonias. They don't like to be too wet. Let them dry out between watering. You have a beautiful collection. I have been through this phase more than once over the years. I now have two begonias inside.