Wednesday, October 31, 2018


When I do I job, I will do it wholeheartedly.
Just enjoy the job, with all of the chores.
Observing and monitoring to companies about environmental management is one of my chore.
It's time to 'go out' from the office and free from 'computer radiation'.
Meeting with new person, finding new experiences, finding new knowledge, finding 'fresh and green things', and many more...
Time to 'hunt' new plants...
the special thing is getting new plant for free...
I can get so many plants as given from the host, or take it from the road side.
Look... these were that I got one day in December 2017.
Four varieties of begonia 


and Epidendrum orchid...

And yesterday, I went home with brown leaved begonia, pelargonium, verbena, coleus, dianthus and some french marigold seeds.
Hunting time is an exciting time...
The plants were from the real 'natural' nursery.
Thanks all... for the free plants and free seeds.


  1. What a lovely selection - and all for free! Nice

    1. Yes, Belinda. Such a lovely thing to get something free.