Sunday, October 7, 2018


I really love flowers...
Whatever it is... for me it's beautiful!
Marigold is one of my favorite flower plant.
I like both of the beauty and the benefit for our organic garden.
This year, I'm growing four varieties of marigold.
Here in Indonesia we call it as 'Kembang kenikir' or 'Tai kotok', caused by the smell of it crushed leaves.

Love to see the flowers in a row, on a mass planting.

The color is striking...

when we notice it, the flower is awesome...

All plant is grown from the seed.
Most of the seeds is collected from the roadside.

I like the simple flower...


I put  marigold plants here and there, in order to give more colors and cheering my tiny garden.

Front yard, back yard, raised bed, roof top... every single space is for marigold.

The flower is always inviting bees and butterflies


Last year, I bought eight varieties of marigold seeds from online  nursery.
Such a shame... there was no seed sprouted.

I want to collect more and more...


  1. Your velvet (Tagetes) are lovely.
    In my garden also grow each year.
    now there were frosts and plants had to be thrown on the compost.

    1. Right now, I have a new one, a double petal brownish marigold. it's so lovely.

  2. Thanks for the translation of the name. I always have some Marigolds in my garden. I do think they repel insect pests and rabbits and deer. Some people don't like the scent of Marigolds, but I absolutely love it! Plus, they attract pollinators!