Wednesday, January 29, 2020


We got four  Srikaya or sugar apples  several days before.
One of them have already fully ripen and get fallen.

The others  need about two days to get fully ripe and ready to be eaten.
There's a traditional way to make the fruit ripe fasten. 
Keep the fruit in the rice box, put the fruit above the fresh rice, and one or two days later the fruit will fully ripen.
We put three of four sugar apples that we have in to the rice box. 

And two days later we get fully ripen fruit.
This a favorite fruit in our family.

Look... My little one took any pieces of the fresh, juicy and sweet flesh soon, as soon as I split the fruit.

Just enjoy the home grown fruit.


  1. Dearest Endah,
    So happy your youngest even enjoys eating it.
    It is far more healthy than any sweets that are store bought and full of additives and artificial color etc.
    What a clever way for speeding up the ripening process in combination with raw rice!
    Such valuable things for passing on to the next generation and yes, growing your own at home is a treasure! We used to have fruits in The Netherlands like apples, pears, plums and cherries but nothing like the delicious tropical fruits. We savored them while living in Indonesia. Never forget picking the mango from the tree fresh, in Probolinggo...

    1. Yes, Probolinggo is the main producer of tropical fruits, mostly mango. There are so many varieties of mango there, and all has great taste.