Sunday, May 29, 2016


Our raised beds are not doing well this month.
Heavy rainfall and pests are making this space and all inside is seem so poor.
I don't know how many time I did replanting to substitute the damaged plants.
The little plants were chewed by snails and cricket.
And the others eaten by grasshoppers.
This is our space this month.

This bed was seem so good at the first with eggplants and mustard greens, but all have gone, than I planted tomatoes here.
Looks doing well.

We can see Sirih (Piper betel), Bengkuang or yam bean and also sword bean are climbing on the wall.
Unknown grass is growing so healthy here.
It's looked like corn, but it has branches at the base.
I don't know what it is...

And this bed actually was prepared for the cucumber patch, but all of the seedlings have gone too, although I have resowed the seeds twice.
Now... this bed is full of self-sown milkweeds, wild cherry tomatoes, Kacang tanah (Arachis hipogea), white eggplants, a clump of Lengkuas (Kaemferia galanga) and two Kembang Kenikir (Tagetes erecta).
I let this space 'grow' naturally.

And the raised beside is looked so empty.
Only three self sown papaya trees that grow so healthy here, and some milkweeds.
All tomatoes that I have ever grown here, have died too.

On the northern area the L-shape raised bed looked so poor too, only sword bean and eggplants here.

The dwarf white peppers are growing so healthy on the pots.
One of the six white pepper plants have decayed and then died during our humid warm weather.

The brick wall still 'full' of orchids.
Poor orchids... the shoots and spikes have already eaten by naughty snails.
Only the base of clumps remain.
I hope the rainfall will be safe for our plants.
And we will get better yield....


  1. It seems we're all having slug and snail problems this year!!

  2. Snails are big nuisance! The garden does look good after all the attack Endah! ;)

  3. Snails are big nuisance! The garden does look good after all the attack Endah! ;)

  4. Naughty snails! We have so many of them this year too !

    1. Oh, please... I hope they will never visit our garden anymore.

  5. It's very pity Endah that your work disappeared.I use the tobacco dust (it's natural product) against snails and slugs. It works well. And if the rain is very heavy I always cover the tomatoes with plastic linen.
    I hope you have more experience in growing veggies.

    1. I hope so. Thank you for sharing me your experience.