Thursday, November 28, 2019



From the laboratory, we visited the factory.

There were so many high quality machine that used in this factory.
So many machines were in the huge production room.
Grading machine, Corn sheller, Drying machine, packing machines and many more...
Then we visited store house with huge modified store rooms to keep the seed on the best quality.
The room was always maintained the temperature on 20 Celcius degree and the RH below 3.5, pretty cool and dry.
This condition keep  the seed on high quality more than five years.
The last room that we visited was end product store room.
There were lots of boxes that full of various seeds ready for shipped.
Such a great lesson for me...

Grading machine, the process is started here

Corn sheller, to remove the corn seed from the comb.

Manual machine that used for various vegetable seeds

There are so many drying process to keep the seed dry with the water content on the rate 10 %.
A typical Drying machine, the main dryer

A simple dryer that using rice shell as the fuel.

Modified drying chambers

Storing room
The storing rooms were modified especially on the humidity and temperature to keep the seed on the best level.
Light and clean, mold less

Metal platform as base of seeds pile

Temperature and humidity control

The director explained about storing procedures.

Seed stocks

Packing material

Pile of cardboard for packing

A Type of Packing machine

Piles of packed seeds

The seeds were ready for shipping.

A display of Seed products

The mini tour in seed factory have done, then we continued to other interesting places.

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