Wednesday, November 13, 2019


About three weeks ago, our team did monitoring and evaluation on so many agricultural projects.
These projects mostly located on the natural farmland, especially hilly area.
Some of the area still have natural atmosphere.

On the way home from monitoring, I fund an interesting thing that fully abandoned at the project area.
A poor wild plant with white beautiful flowers hanging on.
This plant stick on the poor ruined tree.
I checked this plant, and for sure it was Hoya sp...
The plant was so poor... all of the leaves looked yellowish and wrinkled caused by drought during long dry season.

Finally... I took this plant and tried to grow in our tiny garden.
Just put it on the orchid patch.

All of the flowers that hanging on this plant finally fallen.
I might be caused by different atmosphere, the plant was shocked.
I keep watering every day... 
Now this plant looks much better.

And we have been waiting for the blooming.

Thanks GOD...

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