Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The extreme weather was over.... I hope...
My garden looks better than before. 
When I was walking around my little garden, I found some vegetables was ready harvested. 
So... it's the special moment that I always waiting for.
Thanks God...

 Sweet basil with white flower

Caisin flowers for special chinesse food

Caisin leaves: so green, so fresh...

Green mustard with curly leaf was picked repeatedly.

Red curly chilli pepper for special Indonesian chilli sauce called 'SAMBAL'. 
It's really hot! 

Local variety: slim, curly, redish-orange and very hot!!!

First pea...

I got the second....

Loofa gourd for special soup

Green long eggplant : 
The young ones, so delicious and sweet to be eaten raw with SAMBAL

The almost ripe green eggplant is special for Javanese vegetables gravy soup 'LODEH'

This globular variety is very popular in Indonesia. 
Fresh vegetables thats eaten raw are called 'LALAP'

 Dark purple, It's 'Fullnes' variety. I think it's really full rounded.

 I like this one!

I hope, I will get more vegetables tomorrow.
Once more, THANKS GOD...


  1. Endah, your garden is beautiful. You are very good at growing your garden. I love looking at all the plants. They grow very good in the buckets and pots. We can not grow a garden here all the time. In the winter it is to cold with snow and cold temperatures. God bless your and your family

  2. Thank you for visiting me. In the tropic area we can plant almost around the year. Here just have two season, Rainy season (november-May) and dry season (june-oktober). But sometimes rainy season starts early and finish too late. It's happens this year.
    Whatever, Thanks God... for everything.