Tuesday, December 26, 2017


We had a long weekend last week.
So that was a great time to visit my father.
As usual, we visited a nursery  on the way home from our father house.
There are so many nurseries along the road side.
They made me crazy.
Lots of beautiful plants there.
I have to keep my mind... all that they displayed really make me crazy.
So interesting, so beautiful...
Then  went home with five rose plants, six chrysanthemum, a dahlia and we got bonus two sun flower plants.
One day later, my son helped me on planting these beautiful plants.
He was really enthusiastic on growing and purchasing plants. 
Thanks boy... Hoping all will grow happy and healthy. 


  1. Lovely flowers at a time when they are in short supply here.

  2. You have a kind son. I know what you mean about plant sales and nurseries making you crazy. That definitely happens to me, too. I'm glad you treated yourself to a few plants, though--they look very healthy and ready to settle into the garden.