Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Childhood memories will never disappear from our mind... Of course!

So I try to keep our beautiful memories with everything that we can do.

Yes... Plant is one thing that can bring me in to our beautiful memories.

Today, my yellow Alamanda (Alamanda chatartica) is flowering. It's reminding  me into my parents front yard. There was a plant 'gate' created of vines, guava tree and huge fern. There are yellow Alamanda and two varieties of Bougainviella.

I was the youngest in these pictures. It might be  taken on 1978-1979. We stand under the 'gate'. But this pictures were taken when the plant arch was after pruned, so we couldn't see the colorful flower on it. Entered the home yard seem like entering a cave, cause it was a bit dark and much cooler.

Now my Alamanda is flowering... So I'm enjoying my childhood memories.

Thanks God

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