Thursday, February 13, 2014


We have a grey morning today.
I've never known if there are vulcanic ash fall out side.
Actually Mountain 'Kelud' that located in Kediri Regency, East Java has erupted.
A major eruption happened  last night.
This volcano is located about 400 km from my current place.
In my home garden, the vulcanic ash thickness is up to 1 mm.

This is the condition at 06.30 AM.
We usually have a bright sky and sunshine.
The thin ash fall make the sky turns grey.

This is my  garden table...

Look my garden.... all of the leaves become grey.

The ash make our eyes feel stinging and make our breath feel so short.
Then the drizzle down, so the ash not too irritate.

Finally we have rain, so the ash are floated off.
I hope all be safe.


  1. Welcome to Endah!
    At first I thought you fell in the snow ...
    Amazing. This volcanic ash.
    Is the dust will not destroy plants and whether it will wash away the rain?
    Greetings from far away Polish.

    1. If we only have a little amount of ash, it could be a natural fertilizer for our plants. But if we have to much ash, it will damage our plant, break the branch and leaves. Have a nice day

  2. Volcanic ash does travel a long way doesn't it? I hope the rain washes yiur plants clean.

    1. The ash has blown by the wind to the very long distance more than 550 km. The volcano have a very powerful eruption. The meteorology institution record that the volcanic materials have thrown vertically for about 17 km. A great natural power. So many place around the volcano have ash and sand fall. I hope all be safe

  3. 400km travel by air.?..... and that's natural fertiliser for your plants. Hope volcano eruption wont cause much problem....

    1. I hope so. The windy days make the ash fly so far. So many vulcanic minerals are contained in the ash, that's good for soil fertility.

  4. I can think of better ways to get fertilizer, do you have to wear a dust mask? Stay safe!

    1. Yes, we reduce to go out side for outdoor activity, also use mask and glasses. Thank you

  5. Wow, It had to be really unpleasant waking up to grey and ashy garden. I hope you are ok and won't have more troubles with the volcano.