Thursday, February 20, 2014



Brown is an usual color in so many traditional foods and drinks.
In Indonesia the brown color is came from cocoa powder, soy sauce, palm sugar, shallot & onion skins, teak leaves,  guava leaves and caramel.

On savory dishes, we use soy sauce.
Cocoa powder is the most popular food stuff to make sweet dishes; cake, drink, ice, pudding, cookies and many more.

Cocoa powder
Traditional Indonesian foods use gula jawa (palm sugar) to get brownish color.

Gula Jawa in tubular shape

Gula jawa still in the molds
We usually boil some chicken eggs with shallot skin to get the brownish skins egg.


Look the difference...
Egg that has boiled in plain water have brighter color.
The egg that has boiled in water with shallot skins have darker color and more tasty.


If we do some little knocks on the egg skins when the egg still boiled, we will get a beautiful pattern on the egg inside.


Gudeg (identity food from Jogyakarta) use guava leaves or teak leaves to get red-brown color.
Gudeg is a dish that made from immature jackfruit.
The fruit is chopped and cooked for a long time, about eight hours in crockery pot.
The taste is sweet and sticky.

Berkas:Nasi Gudeg.jpg
Gudeg Komplit (Wikipedia)

Do you have traditional brown foods?


  1. We use chocolate and cocoa powder too When I was a student we made yellow fabric dye by using onion skins.

    1. That's so interesting, I only know the shallot skin, I will try the onion skin next. Thsnk you for sharing

  2. The egg is very pretty I have never heard of doing that. I tend to fix things for tastes and not so much color but it is nice to have beautiful food like you make.

    1. It's so fun to make a'painting' on the inner skin of egg. We knock it carefully. The cracked skin will make the egg have a good taste and so the pattern. It's very easy and funny. You can try it.

  3. We used to do something similar with eggs for Easter by using a few drops of natural food colouring.

  4. Once a year, on Easter holidays I cook eggs in the shell onions.
    They have a unique flavor.
    I use cocoa powder for cakes, puddings ...
    I wish you a nice weekend.

    1. That's right. Colorful Easter eggs, so interesting

  5. We also cook eggs in shallot to get brown color and in red onions for dark red color. I have never seen palm sugar in our stores, but I use cocoa for dyeing fondant.

    1. We have the same technique. Gula jawa is a Javanese traditional sugar. It have so many shape; tubular, granular, powder, or liquid