Monday, February 24, 2014


After so many problem on growing my pumpkin this season, finally I can pick the fruits.
I decided to harvest the fruits cause the leaves on the vine mostly yellowing and dry.
In my older post  about pumpkin I got some advices from the readers.
Thanks to you all.

I pick two fruits that remains on the vine.
They are still wrapped on plastic bags.

Then I opened the plastic bags, and.... look... I have two beautiful pumpkins.

Those are my 'Rocky' pumpkin.
I have never grew this variety before.
I have been googling, and I find some information about this variety.
The fruits can be harvested starting at 70 days after planting.

This variety can be produce 8-10 fruits on a vine. 
If my little fruits didn't fall on the past, I could be reach the 'standard'.

On the seeds packet I can see that the fruit size is about 9-11 cm on the high and 11-13 cm on diameter.
The weight is about 1 kilogram.

My first fruit above have 1.1 kg on weight and 14 cm on diameter.
And this one below, the weight is about 1.3 kg and 16 cm on diameter.

I think it's not too bad.
I'm lucky, I still have the fruits remain.
So... I can taste the fruits.

I got a lot of valuable lessons from this growing season.
Now, I'm preparing the new planting for the new variety.
I will  grow this 'Rocky' again.
I hope I can reach the 'standard'.


  1. You have done good to get pumpkins as they usually take up a lot of space in a garden. When I grow mine out on the ground, they will put down additional roots along the vine where the leaves form, almost like new plants. I don't remember which variety that was but it wasn't an orange one as I don't grow those.

    1. I grow the pumpkin vertically and I find the additional roots too, but they didn't grow well.

  2. I'm glad you were able to grow on two of your pumpkins.

  3. I hope you show us a photo of the inside Endah

  4. Very interesting variety.
    I love pumpkin and pumpkin soup, pumpkin jam with ginger and orange.
    I'm curious how it looks when cut.

    1. Wow, so interesting dishes that made from pumpkin. Pumpkin jam... I have never heard before.

  5. These 'rocky'pumpkins look very nice, I wonder how they taste.

  6. Congratulations Endah, I hope you’ll tell us how they taste!
    I have never grown pumpkins but I often buy them when they are in season and use for soups.

    1. Thank you Helene. I will share you the taste soon. We love pumpkin soup too.

  7. That's great harvest of pumpkin! Hope it taste very sweet! What you plan to cook with it?

    1. Thank you Malar. I hope so. I will make pumpkin soup or pudding.