Monday, March 28, 2016


Something that special here was there's a row of local hot pepper plants along the lakeside.

Some volunteers growing this variety of pepper to make this lake more special.
The visitor could pick the peppers for free if the plants get fruiting.

This pepper become an identity of this area.
Here, local citizens call it as 'cabe gondol', 'lombok Dieng' or 'lombok Bandung'.
Some people call it as 'cabe gendot'.

It's very very hot local pepper that I have ever eaten.
But so tasty.

A tubby and juicy pepper.
Purplish green pepper when it young and turn red when the pepper gets ripen.

I really love to enjoy its beautiful flowers.
What a shame, there's no fruiting plants that I found at that time.
So I couldn't take some. 

Whatever... I was so happy went home with a pepper plant to be grown on our home garden.

Please enjoy the beautiful purple flowers.


  1. Such a kind volunteers! The lake visitors must be happy to visit! ;)

    1. Yes, Malar. But this place is only popular for backpackers and nature lover.

  2. You should soon be able to enjoy the peppers from your own plant.