Sunday, December 30, 2018


In October I purchased Dahlia's seeds from online nursery.
From ten seed all germinated successfully.
Then nine seedling have moved into individual pots.
They all grew so lush, so I decided to practice propagation by cutting. 
I cut the shoots or stem, by 2-3 inter nodes.
And let the 'mother plant with 2-3 inter nodes from the base.
From nine plants, I only let a plant from my cutting experiment, caused by it had already popped up a flower  bud, a sign of blooming.
I got more than ten cuttings, and planted them to be rooted.

Such a shame, from all cuttings, only two cuttings have grown and rooted successfully, and the others have decayed and died.

The six 'mother plants' also got rotten and died too.
It might be caused by a lots of reasons.
We have lots of rain almost everyday, high humidity and many more...

From three plants remain, two plants looks so poor...
Their leaves looks a bit curly and had copper color.
I don't know how treat them.
Any ideas please... I need your advice, friend... please...

But I'm lucky I still have a healthy plant remain.
Now... It's showing us its beautiful flower.

I'm not sure... It may Dahlia 'Dandy Mix'.
Now the plant have moved into drying area to keep it from rain.

Thanks God...


  1. Szkoda sadzonek, mają takie piękne kwiaty :) Myślę, że było za dużo wilgoci. Serdecznie pozdrawiam :)

  2. Maybe you are correct in that they are becoming too wet unless you have a pest in the soil chewing off the roots.

  3. Oh gosh, I'm new to Dahlias, so I can't offer too much advice. But I've heard that they like dryish soil until they break the surface, and then they want lots of water. Also, my understanding is that sometimes it helps to allow them to go "dormant" in a dark place, and then put them back in warm soil in the sun. They are pretty! Good luck!

  4. Dahlia saya baru berlajar berbunga.
    Happy New Year Endah.

  5. If i were you i would cut off the rotten part and plant the good part in a different pot.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I have ever tried like that but didn't success.

  6. This is a plant that I kill frequently. So I hope you can find a place where there is plenty of sun yet cool and dry enough for the plant to flourish. Btw that is a pretty dahlia, Endah!

    1. Thanks for sharing me your experience. Thanks for the lesson.