Thursday, October 30, 2014


Finally, I'm finding a little pumpkin on my back yard.
This vine looked so poor along this dry season, actually I have had no expectation.

I don't know how many time I have cut the rotten or dry shoots and branches.
I still keep watering and spread kitchen scraps on the raised bed although this plant didn't give me a good expectation.
What a surprise, when I found a new shoot from the broken stem, then it grow so well so rapidly.

I have found lots of flowers, but until this time I just found four female flowers.
The first and second flowers have fallen down to the ground.
And now, the third is forming a little fruit above the kitchen roof.

I hope this little fruit will grow so well and I can pick the ripen and  healthy pumpkins this year.

I have to check this vine using an A-stair.
Wow... not just a little pumpkin, a blossom and a female flower bud are hanging on the vine.

I have to wrap this little fruit to keep it free from the fruit fly attack.
And also often check the female flowers and little fruits that have formed, so I won't miss them.

Lots of ripen pumpkin hanging on the vine... 
I hope it will be a reality.


  1. Pokoknya masih nampak cantik dan hijau walau dimusim kering. Putik buah pun nampak sihat. Harap berjaya menuainya kelak. Happy gardening Endah!

  2. I hope the little pumpkin survives.

  3. I really wish to grow pumpkin! But with limit space, I got to look for the minaiture ones!

    1. Actually I only have a limited land, so I grow it vertically to save the land-use.