Tuesday, June 7, 2016


A very tiring week has over.
Last week, I accompanied farmers in short course on controlling pest and disease.
The first day I accompanied lada or white pepper growers, a very popular spice here.
We learned about how to control pest and disease safely, using natural products
We use beneficial fungi Trichoderma to control Phytoptora and Phytium, the main problem on growing white pepper.
What a shame, my android were low batteries, so I couldn't take any pictures.

The second day we visited another place, a coffee plantation.

Very lush plants... with bountiful fruits.

There's a shed in the little plantation.
The grower use to put fertilizer here.

We accompanied coffee growers on learning pest and disease control.

We had a great time with the expert.

Long discussion, sharing each other.
So interesting...

A very interesting moment and great lesson for me.
The grower also made observation.
Checking and observing the pest and disease on the plants.

Determining the sample plants to be observed.

Counting the healthy and infection fruits each branch.

Learning about using beneficial fungi Beuveria bassiana to control main disease on growing coffee. 
And the growers finally made a trial on applying these fungi to protect the coffee plants...

The growers made a solution from the fungi to be sprayed on the sample plant...


Took a picture after the first observation.
We still have two observations later.

Can't wait to see result of the observation and the fresh red fruits.
Thanks for the great lesson...