Monday, November 21, 2016


Two of our creepers climbed on our front wall.

Both of Syngonium and Philodendron lemon lime grew so lush and high.t Syngonium was growing like crazy.

I think that was not good enough.
Then my husband 'pulled out' the Syngonium.

Look... the imprint of its roots seem very real on the stony wall.
The roots really marked the wall.

We just let the Philodendron lemon lime creeping the wall, and cheering our front yard.


  1. That plant really did dig its roots in didn't it?

  2. Saya suka pokok philodendron lemon tapi cepat membesar dan makan ruang. Dirumah terpakksa dibuang habis.

  3. Endah, if you let the creepers creep i think they will happily creep on your roof.

  4. That's very strong root! Luckily it does not do any major damage!