Thursday, November 24, 2016


Our fig is growing so high, and showing us it fruits.
It makes our friends so jealous.

They really want to grow fig.
As we know, fig plant is fairly expensive here.

The simple way to multiply this plant is grafted.
Actually some gardeners use cutting method, but it has too much risks.

So I try to do grafting on my only one fig plant. 

I hope I will be success, and I will have more fig plant, to be planted in our tiny garden and also to be shared with our friends.


  1. I hope you achieve success, Endah, with your grafting. Your friends will be delighted. P. x

  2. I wish you lots of success with the grafting, it's always a joy to try something out.

  3. I hope it does well for you Endah. Then you can enjoy some tasty figs!

  4. I'm hoping that our fig produces fruit next year

  5. Congratulations! It looks like your fig tree is healthy and your grafting will yield more fruit. Do you usually eat figs plain, or use them in baking and cooking? They taste so wonderful in sweet breads!

    1. We use to eat the fresh ripen fruit raw, the taste is good. What a shame I have never taste the processed figs.