Sunday, February 12, 2017


Actually, Brassica is one of my favorite vegetable to be grown in our tiny garden.
So many varieties of Brassica have grown, although not of all of them grow well.
Kailan Winsa is one of the Brassica that we grow this season.
I showed a pinch of the seed on August.
But only three grow into a seedling.

Now, from three of the seedlings, one plant looks so poor, the leaves are yellowish green.

The other one is bolting with the white flowers on it.

And the last one is still in its vegetative stage.

The leaves are so fresh and looks so juicy.

I think, I should learn about growing Brassica in tropics more and more...


  1. They do really look juicy and fresh! Hope you will get more harvest in future! ;)

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