Sunday, February 2, 2020


Almost every morning I 'walk to work'.
Just enjoying the fresh air in the morning.
When others people using motorcycle or car to their office, I keep walk.
I live in the down town, that the office is about a kilometer from our house.
Enjoying the scenery and fresh cool air.
And sometimes just smile while seeing people ride the motorcycle or drive their cars in hurry in the morning.
I walk casually with my backpack on my shoulder.
Observing by sight seeing so many interesting plants along the road side.
Lets enjoy it...

The side walk...

Finding wild orchid (Dendrobium cruenum) after blooming.
The orchids grow naturally on the tree trunks.

A wild Hoya sp on the old tree.

So many old trees have already cut down.

The street to the office... 

Daun 'pepaya jepang' (Cnidoscolus aconitifolius) is growing so lush along the road street.

So various plants are growing so lush during this rainy season.
Row of sereh or kamijara aka lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus), corn, papaya, Aloe vera, and many more...

And the most cheering spot is zinnia bed.
Actually these plant are self grown plant.

There are some Impatiens balsamina in the zinnia bed.
So interesting...
And cheering my day...


  1. Dearest Endah,
    You are blessed for being able to cover the 1 km distance on foot and it is a very wise way!
    Always loved to walk too, that's the only way we can fully observe our surroundings by noise, smell and view!!!
    Lovely photos too and in Indonesia every thing grows so easily due to the very high humidity and high rainfall, combined with tropical temperature.

    1. Dear, Mariette.
      Thank your for visiting my blog and always leave nice comments. yes, we are so lucky live in tropical climate with nice weather and also favorable season for us on gardening as my passion.
      Keep healthy and Have a nice week.

  2. Plants and flowers along the road makes one feels good and forget about the long walk.

  3. A very pleasant walk in nice weather, you lucky thing!