Monday, February 24, 2020


Last year, we only have a little varieties of vegetable in our tiny garden.
It caused by we only had limited time for gardening and also we couldn't manage time well.
So I hope, I can manage time better this year.
I started sow seeds on the end of January.
Mostly leafy vegetables, green is our favorite...
There are some varieties of tomato, pepper, eggplant, chinesse  cabbage, pakcoy, mustard green, kale, basil and many more.
I put the seedling on the southern balcony. 
This place a part of shady area, and still get morning sunshine for healthy growth.
It's the safe place  for seedling area, free from our kitties.
They really love playing and jumping on the pots then broke the tiny plants.
Such a shame some times I forget to keep watering the seedling.
Some seedlings finally get drought and died.
I have already move the seedling into individual pots or other containers.
Keep trying, keep sowing, keep growing...


  1. Dearest Endah,
    Oh, your seedlings look so healthy and green!
    The soil is a miracle thing in your area, together with lots of rainfall and therefore high humidity in the air almost always.
    Remember too well that my hair was looking at its very best while living in Indonesia... due to that climate! Also husband Pieter's.
    How many kitties do you have? We got six at the moment and a kitten from across the street thinks he 'lives' here... But that is too much to handle.

  2. You planted a wonderful variety of vegetables and they look great, Endah. I wish you good luck with them. It is time for me to order seeds and plan my new kitchen garden. Spring is nearly here! P x

  3. Hey Endah !!!Aww, your seedlings look so well and green. You sowed the leafy vegetables at the right time of the year and these leaves add extra flavor to soups. I hope to see more glances of your balcony gardening in the near time. I too sowed the seeds for this year waiting for the harvest.

  4. I always admire your wonderful plants.

  5. That's a lot os seedlings. I see there's also parsley. i also planted ie in my garden.Slow growth in the beginning.

  6. One of my favorite hobbies is gardening. Recently, I came across your blog and was impressed seeing your gardening pictures and talents. Your ideas and thoughts on planting is unique.