Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The rainy season haven't come yet, but my green roof  have thicken more and more.
You can see my green roof several months ago here.
Yeah... now, the roof of my garage is full covered by passion fruit vine.
We couldn't see the true poly carbonate roof anymore, all look green and green.
When we got our first big rain several day ago, we didn't find rain water got into our garage.
Actually there are several holes on the roof, and now the holes have covered, so the leakage problem have resolved temporary.
These are views from my balcony.

We can see lots of white-purple flowers here and there.

Look... lots of passion fruits too!
Yes, I'm finding immature fruits under the leaves.
I don't know how to collect the ripen fruits next.

View from the garage, lots of fruit are hanging on the vine.

View from the drive way, the fruits make me so happy.
Yes, for about last four months, we only find just 1 -2 fruits on the vine.
Now... 'the fruits are back'

Actually it's not easy to keep the roof always tidy, cause the vine grow rapidly.
At least I have to do pruning twice a month, or my house will look like a jungle.
Oh no... 
But we love it so much!


  1. Your garage roof looks great and the passion fruits hanging on the vine, so beautiful and edible. But..... I can imagine it is not easy to keep the roof a bit tidy, and needs a lot of pruning. We have the same here with Hedera, when I do not prune it several times a year, it becomes a real jungle and I cannot manage anymore.
    Happy gardening Endah, here it is raining at this moment.

    1. Thank you, Janneke. Yes, lots of work, especially during the rainy season. They will grow like crazy.

  2. It does look good with the plants growing on the roof as long as they don't cause structural problems.

  3. It looks fabulous, and you've got the added benefit of fruit from it too. I love the flowers, something I've never grown but I keep meaning to have a go at.

    1. Thanks, Jo. I grow so many plants to get so many benefits from it.

  4. Salam endah,
    their white-purple flowers and passion fruits hanging here and there, look so lovely...

    1. Salam Ana,
      Thak you. They are so lovely snd healthy too

  5. I love markisa all the time but always failed. Easy to grow but not produce the fruits. Don't know why. Your plant look so healthy and lushring. It's OK to have a jungle fruits on he roof. I like..

    1. I think, markisa is the easiest plant to grow here. It grows so fast with minimum handling, especially during the rainy season,.

  6. Salam Endah,

    Cantiknyaaaaaaaaaaa.. how I wish I have one..