Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Coconut fruit in Indonesia is usually sold without outer skin/sabut (mesocarp and exocarp) and just leave the endocarp (batok) also a raw of sabut.
Batok or tempurung is the hardest part of this fruit.

When we break the endocarp using thick and big knife, we will find the coconut water and also the white pulp.

The thickness of the pulp is depend on the variety and also the maturity.
The pulp will be thicken through the maturity.

Then the pulp will be removed from the endocarp, it's not an easy process.

The next step is remove the brown skin of the pulp to get good quality end product.

The all  brown skin will removed until we get white part.
Then the pulp ready to be washed and processed later.

Now, we will make the coconut milk or here we call it 'santan'.
The simplest  way to make coconut milk is using blender or food processor.
But for us, the taste is different when we use grater.

Most of Indonesian more like using grater that made from stainless steel or wood.
But the other using grating machine to get practicality.

For us the taste of the grated coconut that using traditional grater has better taste.
Now, we get grated coconut, so ready for cooking or for making coconut milk.

For coconut milk, we have to add some warm water on it and then kneaded.
So we will find the coconut milk soon.
The thickness of the milk is depend on the water that we add on it.
For the thick coconut milk just add a few warm water, and for the thin coconut milk we have to add more water.

The next step is strain and knead it.

Now... we get the coconut milk.

So, we can see the difference between coconut milk and coconut water.

Next, we will talk about making coconut oil.
Enjoy this series and have a wonderful week.


  1. Salam Endah,

    Lama benar kaya nya ngak guna grater itu. Dulu when I was kid masih ada di rumah my mom dan masih guna but now we all guna mesin saja.

    1. Salam Honey,
      Sekarang pun disini lebih banyak yang pakai mesin. Lebih cepat dan mudah. Tapi bagi yang mengutamakan rasa, traditional grater is the best choice.

  2. I just read your last post about the coconut sugar, which I have never seen before.
    Interesting to read how you make the coconut milk, I always thought the coconut water was called the milk. A nice educational series about the coco nut.
    In cold winters we put a half coconut outside for the birds.

    1. Thank you, Janneke. Yes, that is the traditional way to make fresh coconut milk. But you can find processed coconut milk on so many different form here, liquid, paste, cream or powder. But the fresh one is much better.

  3. Thank you for explaining that. In the supermarket yesterday they were selling coconuts that were smaller than I've seem before, Does size depend on variety?

    1. You're welcome ,Sue. Yes, that's right, the size is depend on the variety.

  4. Interesting to read how you make the milk.

    1. Thank you, Jo. The fresh homemade coconut milk has the great taste.

  5. I always thought that there is coconut milk inside it. Now I learned the difference!

    1. Yes, these terms are confusing. But I hope now it's clear.

  6. I loved reading about how you do coconut milk.

  7. Sudah lama tidak guna grater ini. Dulu2 dirumah emak mesti ada satu tergantung di dapur. Sekarang dirumah saya ada mesin sudah...

    1. Ya, memakai mesin memang lebih praktis dan memudahkan.

  8. In my country you can buy coconuts.
    There are, however, very hard and the inside do not have any milk.
    I'm surprised that you so easy to peel walnut
    Greetings from Polish.

    1. Yes, if we want to get coconut, you have to make it first. I guest you will only get the coconut water.To break the hard skin is not easy, actually.