Friday, November 28, 2014


Today we will talk about making coconut oil using wet process.
This is the traditional process, an old fashion process, that still done by a lot of peoples on the villages.
That's the simple way, and have done from long time ago.
We have to use the mature coconut, that's about 10-12 months after pollination.

The old or mature coconut will produce more oil and better quality.
We have to make the thick coconut milk first.
The fresh thick coconut milk will be heated on the pan for about 2-3 hours, depend on the volume and the thickness of coconut milk.

We have use medium heat, from the first until the end of the heating process.
The coconut milk should be stirred continuously, until the water content have relieved.
The coconut milk will turn yellowish clear and the residual will set up.
On this process the residual stuff or 'blendo' has brownish color, it's much darker than on the dry process.
Then the oil will be strained and packed on the bottle.
You can see the step by step on making coconut oil here.
On this process, the color of this oil is much yellow than using dry process.
And the storability of this oil is much shorter.
This homemade coconut oil is just for home consumption, and not for sale.

This oil has good smell, and savory aroma.
The blendo/blondo is usually used for so many traditional dishes, both of savory and sweet taste.
Here, we can find lots of special dishes that made from blendo, especially on the low land area that produce an abundant coconut everyday.
You can see interesting dishes here and here.
Traditional coconut oil or 'lenga klentik' is very popular on Java, not just for cooking, but also for others purpose.
This oil is well known as skin softener, prevent hair loss, keep the hair black and shiny, for massage oil,and many more.
Next we will talk about making Virgin Coconut Oil.


  1. Wow!! Endah, brilliant!!! It is wonderful to see you making this oil. Love to try it myself one day. Thank you for sharing :-)

  2. I think all the cosmetic uses you mentionned are very intersting.

  3. Such a wonderful resource for your country to have coconuts.

  4. I have used coconut oil quite a bit. I love it on popcorn or in brownies.