Saturday, November 29, 2014


Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is well known as magical oil, because of its benefit.
We can get so many benefits from this oil.
There are three methods on making VCO.
Heating, fermentation, mixing and inducement.
The quality of this oil is depend on the coconut as the base material.
We have to use the real mature coconut (10-12 months old), than stored for about a month to reduce the water content.
People said that the best VCO is come from green variety of coconut that grown far away from the sea area.
The salinity could decline the quality of this oil.

Heating is the simplest way on making VCO, but the quality is fairy low, because heat make the lauric acid on the oil become decline.
On this method, the thick coconut oil will stored for about 1-2 hours until we get three layers.
These are water on the lowest layer, residual (blendo)  on the middle and crude oil on the highest layer.
Then the highest layer will be heated on the pan in the low heat for a moment until we get the clear oil (VCO).
So, the VCO is ready to be strained and packed.

On fermentation process, we need microorganism that produce enzim to ferment the coconut milk. 
This method is so complicated and need long period.
This method is less favored, especially on home industry.

Inducement method need VCO to induction the coconut oil to secede from the coconut milk solution.
So we have to provide VCO first, before we make our own VCO.
This method is also less practical.

The Mixing is the simple and best method for me.
On this method, we have to mix the coconut milk for about 30 minutes using mixer, then stored the coconut milk about 24 hours.
After that, we have three layers that really separated each other.
So, we can take the VCO from the highest layer, then strain it on the filter paper and ready to be packed.
Mixing method produce the high quality VCO with high lauric acid content, cause there's no heating, also adding the other stuff, so pure.

About the benefit of VCO, I think everybody have known about it.
This oil is well known as material base on cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
VCO rich in Vitamin E, lauric acid, oleic acid and many more, so often used as anticancer, antibacterial and antiviral.
This oil also used to improve human immune system, improve the digestion system, improve the secretion of insulin, to treat inflammation, prevent osteoporosis and many more.

What a shame, I lost my file on making both of traditional coconut oil and VCO.
You can see the process here.

To much topic of coconut that I want to share.
Next month I will share you another side of coconut through the monthly series.
I hope you will not get bored.
Thank you for following this series, I hope it will be useful. 
See you on the next series, and have a wonderful week.


  1. Endah, thank you very much for all the interesting information about coconut oil.

  2. So much to learn about coconuts. We hang up empty half shells filled with a fat and seed mix for the birds. Another use.:)

  3. My mind is almost boggling after all this interesting knowledge about the coconut oil.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. So many different methods to get the oil. I think the method you use sounds the simplest.

  5. Coconut whole story read with interest. It's an incredible story :) Regards Monika