Sunday, November 30, 2014


This was a moment that I have been waiting for, visiting Agro Expo down town.
Yes, that's an annual event to promote so various agricultural products, especially local products.
This expo started on Wednesday until Sunday (November 26-30). 
Actually that's a fairy long period, but the weather was not friendly.
So, just a limit time to visited this event, cause we always get rain after work, and on Sunday rain fell down along the day.
Just for sight seeing...
lets we take a look some interesting parts of this event.

First we found so many processed fruit, yes some local fruits such us carica (yellow), salak/snake fruit (white), and terong belanda/tamarillo  (brownish red).
And on the end of the table is Dawet Ayu, special drink from my town that made from palm jelly, palm sugar, and thick coconut milk.
The taste is so yummy!

This snake fruit or we call it as 'Salak' a special fruit from this town, make me so jealous!
Although the  plant is full of sharp thorn, but the taste is so delicious!

This vertical garden was also interested me.
But I have to forget it, cause no place for this installation, and I think needs more budget.

A nice vertical garden using hydroponic system.

Oh... this picture makes me sad...
You can see some fig plants, zucchinis, parsley and beets.
Actually I have planned to buy Fig plant to be collected  as a pot plant.
But, I failed to buy this plant, I couldn't visit this event again caused by the weather.
Fig is the plant that I really want to be collected.
It's not easy to find nursery that sell this plant.
Oh please...

This place was show me so various fruit plants, especially citrus family and so many ornamental peppers.

This part provided so various vegetable and spice plants.
Look the eggplants, tomatoes and white pepper plant...
When I visited for the second time, actually I planned to buy white pepper plants, but all have sold out.
Too late...

Tomorrow, I will continue our sight seeing...
Have a wonderful week...


  1. Endah..cantiknya buah salak tu...kalau tanam dalam pasu pun boleh keluar buah begitu, saya pun kepingin nak beli..

    1. Yang penting ada bunga jantan untuk polinasi katanya.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun to see all the difference types of plants and garden. Enjoy your day.

  3. Vertical gardening seems to be fashionable here - maybe die to houses having smaller gardens these days.

  4. Looks like an interessting place. I think I could have learned there a lot.
    Grüße von Marie

    1. That's right. Enjoy your day and have a wonderful day.

  5. I love to visit this kind of expo too! It's really very interesting! For sure you have bought many plants! ;)

    1. I boughy some plants there, that's really addicting.

  6. The vertical set up is nice, but might cost a lot. Fun to look at and dream.

  7. Looks like such a cool event! The vertical gardens are impressive! I can't wait to see more from your walk around friend!!! Nicole xo

    1. I learned a lot there. Never want to stop, peek all parts. Thanks. Nicole!