Thursday, February 4, 2016


I'm so sorry that the early of this year I was really busy with my routine tasks to finished so many annual reports and also annual plans.
And the terrible weather made our health were not good enough.
Our garden was neglected, and no time for blogging too...
But when last week my sister visited our home, she was so happy tidying up our garden, gardening is a part of her soul.
She will do gardening anywhere...
Thank you my sister...

Finally, now I can see my own Cuphetinho pepper.
I have had no hope at the first that from three seeds that I have sowed, only one that survive.

The survivor have passed hard weather and so many serious problems, such as thrips, mites, drought and other bugs.

Look... they are so cute with a very striking color, cheering my terrace garden.
I have no idea how about the taste, hot or just 'plain'. 
It's a kind of ornamental pepper I think.
I wrapped some peppers to keep them from fruit flies attack.
So, I will have some seeds for the next season.

Thanks GOD for these beauties...


  1. Endah, I'm glad you're better now, take care of yourself and the family.
    Your pepper is wonderful, I really love the shape and color.The fruit remind me holiday decorations!

  2. I know how your sister feels - when we rent holiday cottages I have to stop myself from weeding the garden.

    Sorry that you have been unwell - I hope that you are soon back to full health.

  3. Comelnya cili ini..bentuknya pun unik..1st time tengok..thanks for sharing..

  4. Hope you have recovered by now. Your peppers look really nice, such a funny shape, love it.