Wednesday, September 21, 2016


These are pictures of our backyard this week.

This is the northern side.
The wall is full of wild ferns, mosses and poor orchids.
The orchids are the ruins from the snail's attack.

I moved the white pepper pots onto the compost bin area.
Five pepper pots now are staying above the cap of compost bin.

Kenikir or edible cosmos (Cosmos caudatus) patch is growing so well in the first raised bed.

Tomato, eggplant, aromatic galanga, milkweed and  marigold are growing so happy in the second bed.
An asparagus plant is growing so happy near the

The third bed is full of kidney bean and a papaya tree.

Washing area is a strawberry patch.

The fourth beds is leafy bed.
Cauliflower, caisim, sawi jepang, two papaya trees and a red coleus as a highlight.

The fifth bed is for kidney bean, sawi jepang, tomato, hot pepper and butterfly pea.

This is second batch of kidney bean for this year.

Kembang telang or butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea) is growing so happy with beautiful flowers.

There are Canna, eggplants, and red okra in the sixth bed.
This bed looks so poor... 
Whatever... Thanks GOD...


  1. Hope all the plants growing well Endah

  2. Snails are such nuisances aren't they?

  3. Lovely you are growing such a variety of plants. Ah, you also have sometimes troubles of snails, like we have.

    1. Yes, Janneke. I think snail always be serious problem in every garden on so many part of the world.

  4. I wish to have strawberry like that in my yard..

    1. I hope you will have your own strawberry in your garden soon

  5. The beds are really organized well!
    Your strawberries are fruiting! Wow!