Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We have been enjoy the exotic fragrant in my office for about two weeks.
The fragrance come from the front yard.
Look... the white magnolia tree is on the blossom season.
In Indonesia, White Magnolia (Michelia alba) is called Cempaka Putih or Kantil (Javanese).
The fragrance is so strong, especially in the morning or evening.
I can smell the fragrance from the room inside the building.
So fresh...

We can find the fallen petals on the ground under the tree every day.
An exotic plant...

The tree is so high, about 15 meters tall, even more...
Sorry I can't take a close up shots.
Too high objects and my camera phone is not compatible for it.

I was so lucky when a man (a flower picker/hunter) climb the tree at the afternoon. 
He gave me some flower buds.
The flowers are usually picked 2-3 day before the peak of the bloom.
Here, especially in Java, this flower is used in so many traditional procession.
A sacred flower. 

Only one flower will spread a very strong fragrant.
Can you imagine that from this tree there are thousands flowers altenalety bloom everyday during 1-2 months. 
A free natural air freshener...
Do you want to smell it?


  1. shame that the internet does not transmit smells :)

  2. We have a magnolia tree in our yard but the flowers are huge with wide petals and of course we have to wait until summer for the bloom though the tree doesn't lose it's leaves in winter. I saw one coming up wild in the woods where a bird dropped a seed so they must be a tough tree.

    1. Sounds so interesting. I hope next summer you will show me your huge magnolia.

  3. I do want to smell it, Endah! Maybe one day it will be possible - who knows?

    1. Of course, I hope you will enjoy the fragrance and touch the smooth petals.

  4. Replies
    1. Of course. So many people say, that's heavenly smell.

  5. How interesting, I had to look up Michelia alba as I had never heard about it before and I read it was a hybrid of Magnolia champaca and Magnolia Montana, often called White Sandalwood. I bet it smells fantastic! I bought my first magnolias last year, two Magnolia soulangeana, one is quite mature and will flower this spring. Can’t wait to see and smell its huge pink flowers!

    1. Here, there are so many magnolia. The yellow magnolia (Michelia champaca) that has appearance like white magnolia. A big magnolia here is called cempaka gondok. I can't white to see your magnolia