Sunday, January 19, 2014


I live in mini urban area.
Me and my close neighbors formed a small community on urban gardening.
To be self sufficient in our own vegetables needs is our simple goal. 

Actually it's not easy to invite them to joint in this community.
We have our own work (busy women ???) and only have a limited land.   
We try to beat all of our limitation. 
We always encourage each other.
Sharing each other...

Although we haven't rest land anymore.
But we believe, we still have rest spaces for gardening, everywhere...
So... we become more creative in gardening. 

I'm sure that you have been seeing one of our community member with her extra-ordinary garden on my older post.
Right now, I will share you all about our community by this series.
Please enjoy our experiences in urban gardening with a low cost. 



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    1. yes, a daily chore during the dry season, but not in the rainy season.

  2. It is hard to grow things in pots to where you actually get results from mature plants. I am always amazed at what you have accomplished.

    1. Really hard work, but that's so interesting. We are really enjoy.

  3. Hi Murni, very nice.. Like it so much..

  4. This is a very good thing. Urban gardening is becoming much more important and popular here in the U.S., too. It makes sense because when the climate is right, we can grow our own food in a very small space. I only wish I had a little more sun, but I plan to plant more veggies, including lettuce, this summer. I'm looking forward to your series!

    1. Yes, urban gardening is becoming popular here too. I have started it more than seven years ago, before it was popular. Look so strange for others. Why do we have to hard work to get our own veggies if we could find the veggies easily and cheaper on the markets. I don't care, the show must go on.

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    1. Thank you Teresa. Keep warm, and have a nice day.