Monday, January 13, 2014


Yesterday, I received a packet of seeds that I have ordered several days ago.
A little black box...

I ordered the seeds from online store.Finally, I found seed on 'gardener package'.
Just a little amount of seeds in each packages.
I couldn't wait to open the cover and see the seeds.

Wow... I found a cute seed box!
Too cute as a seeds box.

Then I opened the box...
Look, here they are... my seeds.

I checked the seeds and the order list.
OK... Complete...
Hmmm... I found a simple 'gardener guidance'.
There were tips and step by step on growing, composting and make Local Micro Organisms.
Oh... it was more than my expectation.

I ordered Nasturtium, Gladiola and Sedap malam (Polyanthes tuberosa)

And...I ordered seven varieties of herbs and got a sachet of celery seeds... free...
I really want to try on growing herbs.
This is my first experience.
I have been looking for the herbs seeds suppliers here, for a long time.
Finally, I found it.

I also ordered  three varieties peppers and got a sachet of paprika seeds... free (again!).
I'm so happy with this packet.
The seller have a watchword 'Make gardening more exciting', I think it's true...


  1. When I saw this cute seedbox your received I became excited too. And than the seeds....you are going to sow familiar seeds to me. Paprikas and peppers I have grown before from seed in my greenhouse. I am sure they will do very well in your garden, they need hot temperatures. Nasturtiums are lovely and I have them every year in the garden. Especially the Polianthus tuberosa is a beauty which I have grown from bulbs, rather difficult here, but I am sure in your climate they will flourish.
    Gladiolia also beautiful and here easy to grow from bulbs but from seed it takes one more year, no problem. Wish you a lot of success and pleasure with gardening.

    1. Thank you. Actually I ordered bulbs for gladiola and Polianthus. Yes, I have to learn more about growing herbs with you.

  2. I've always grown gladioli from bulbs too but maybe in your climate the seeds will grow quickly. We have to lift gladioli and store over winter. I don;t wonder you were excited lovely way to send the seeds.

    1. We have a favorable climate for germination and seedling. But some times the yields are not good enough.

  3. I have grown California Wonder peppers and they do well here though seem to take too long to have peppers, that is just me, I want the peppers fast but they make you wait. I just need to be patient.

    1. Maybe warm and humid climate make so many plants grow faster than in colder area. In the highland tropics with a colder and lower humidity, the plants will need longer time to reach their first harvest. But the quality of the yields are much better.

  4. How cute I love getting package in the mail...Can't wait to see all of these seeds grow in your garden.

  5. It's going to be so exciting to see your seed grow!

  6. This seed is a real treasure ...
    I will buy for two months ...
    Now is the winter. The snow falls ...
    Greetings from far away Polish.

    1. I can't wait to see your spring garden. Thanks Lucia