Thursday, January 23, 2014



There are so many way to get cheap seeds.
First, save our own seeds.

I usually keep the vegetable plants that have best performance to produce the seeds for the next season.

I think most of gardeners save their own seeds from their gardens.
Of course... it's the easiest way.

Second, select and save seeds from mature fruits or pods that we have bought from markets or groceries.

We can cook the skin, but we also have seeds to be grown in our garden.

So many vegetables are sold with their stems, such as kangkung and katu (Saorophus androgenus).
Look the katu stems..., we can plant the stem soon on the ground, and two weeks later we can find the shoots appear from the leaf axils.
Simple way...

We also save the spring onion or green onion stem base.
Plant it, and get the new veggies in our garden.

Save the rizhome on the humid place, and let it bear the shoots.
So... the rizhome is ready to be planted.

Third, share and exchange your own seeds with your friend.

In our community, we usually share and exchange our excess seeds.
So we have more varieties of seeds, then we have more varieties of vegetables in our garden.
What will you do to get your cheap seeds, friend ?


  1. I love the colours in your top two plants, Endah - what are the names of the plants? There is some good advice here. Seeds are readily available to buy here in the UK and it's all too easy to pay for new seeds rather than saving your own. I usually save bean seeds and a few flowers but we also have a lot of rain at the time when flowers are setting seed - also, it's nice to ring the changes and have different flowers and vegetables year on year!

    1. The first is lettuce 'Red Rapid' and the second is red amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor var rubra). Good advice. Thanks. I'm sure you can find so many seeds easily, but I don't. Just a few varieties of seeds that sold here. And that's in a big package for farmer. It's not easy to find 'gardener' package. Here, so many seeds are imported from US, UK, Australia, Taiwan, many more. So, the price is must be so expensive. How lucky you are.

    2. Thanks for that information, Endah - I've got amaranth on my list for this year. It's usually grown as an ornamental plant here. I've had a look for that lovely lettuce online and can't find it - can you tell me who the original seed supplier is? If too far past, would you like to swop some seeds? :)

    3. I plant three varieties of red lettuces, Red Rapid from Known You Seed, Lolo Rossa And Delicato from Mr. Fothergills. I hope you will find the seeds soon.

  2. I admire your plants.
    They grow very quickly.
    For me today it began to snow. It is freezing - 14 º C.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. How cold! I hope you have a warm and wonderful weekend