Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Last week my friend went to farmland on the highland in suburban area.
He did short time training for the tea farmers.
Something that we love to visiting farmland area, the scenery, neighborhood and especially the hospitality of the farmers.
We look like a very close family.
Talk a lot of things, and share each other.
What we have just a small amount of knowledge and experience.
And when we go home, they always give us so many gifts to be taken home.
How lovely...

And for the last visit we got three cartoon boxes of potatoes, a sack of cabbages and a sack of long green peppers.
A bountiful gift!
So, my friend re-shared what he have gotten to others, and of course me too.
Look what we got...

Big potatoes for french-fries...

Cabbage for soup and cap-cay...

Oh... lots of peppers!
Thanks friend, and thank you for your kindness our farmers!