Saturday, February 14, 2015


This is Som Jawa or Ginseng Jawa (Talinum paniculatum).
As a fast grower plant, sometimes this plant grow like as a weed.
So fast, so wild...

During the rainy season, we can find a bountiful little plants from self sowing seeds.
Sometimes, I pull out a lot of Som Jawa from my garden, and all mostly wasted, and be a compost heap.
The root will grow up like as common ginseng.
We use the root for so many medicinal purposes.

Actually it's a minor vegetable here.
This plant is more popular as medicinal plant, especially as tonic.
So we call it as Javanese ginseng. 
The young leaves and shoots are used as salad or cooked for a moment as soup or stir fried with beef or shrimp.
The leaves have benefit to improve blood circulation, so make our body refreshed and feel better.
So... keep healthy with my Javanese tonic.


  1. I think they used to sell this as an elixir for youth

  2. I've never heard about this magic plant Endah. But it seems to me I would like to have its medicine to improve my health.

    1. Yes, this plant is great for medicinal purpose, vegetable, and also ornamental too. Cause the flower is so beautiful.