Monday, July 18, 2016


Our winged bean or kecipir is growing so happy on our backyard.
Lots of flowers and little beans.

Last week we had a volunteer, yeah... my niece stay for several days in our house.
She likes climbing, so she helped us to pick the beans that climb on the high wall.
Thanks girl...

Look... these that we got...

The vine looks so lush and the bean are hanging here and there.

The fresh young beans are great to be steamed or stir fried.

Some dry-ripe beans are ready for the seeds.


  1. We call it kacang botol here! ;)
    I have no luck with them for past one year ! ;(

    1. I hope you will be lucky on the next time, Malar.

  2. I would like your niece's help in my garden. I have lots of beans to pick. Yours look jummy. P. x

  3. "A amizade com Deus e a amizade com os outros é a mesma coisa, não podemos separar uma da outra"
    (Sta.Tereza de Ávila)
    Obrigada pela carinhosa visita!
    Uma bela colheita, e a sua sobrinha encantadora!
    Tenha um lindo dia !!!
    Beijos Marie.

  4. It’s lovely to have help in the garden :-)
    I don’t grow beans, but I know most beans have pretty flowers. Do you eat the whole thing or do you take the beans out and throw away the green pod?

    1. Yes, that's right, Helene.
      We use to eat the the whole pod of young tender kecipir, but sometime people only take the beans from the old green pods.