Thursday, July 21, 2016


Our grey wall in the backyard is becoming greener.

Pare or bitter gourd, kara kerupuk, chayote and also kara benguk are growing so lush.
They are covering the wall with their green leaves.

A self sown bitter gourd growing near the compost bin, climb on a plastic rope.
Side by side with bitter gourd vine, there're three self sown Kara Benguk (Mucuna pruriens).

Kara benguk is a kind of an wild bean, that grows very invasive.
Actually I won't to grow it in my garden anymore cause its invasive growth, it's mot suitable in my tiny garden.
On the southern side, there are chayote and also Kara kerupuk that climb so lush.

In the next two weeks, our grey wall will turn green and so dense.


  1. Hi, Endah !
    Glad to discover your blog too.
    Your garden seems so exotic for me :)

  2. So good to use every inch of space in the garden even the vertical surfaces.

  3. Just lovely! I have not had any luck with bitter gourd at all so far. I cannot even get the seed to germinate!