Saturday, July 30, 2016


Optimizing all that we find in our tiny garden is a must. 
The only one fig plant in our garden is producing fresh leaves, but it will withered and fallen soon during our hot weather.
I have ever read about the benefit of fig leaf.
These leaves are commonly used to treat diabetes and also cholesterol.
The dried leaves are processed as herbal tea to maintain body health.
So, I try to make herbal tea from fig leaves.
I picked some fresh leaves, washed, then let the white sap dried on the open air, not sun drying, only air drying for about 2-3 hours during the hot day.
I put it on the porch.

Then I cut the leaves in to small size, then it dried again.
We can also put it on the oven for about 5 minutes.
Than store it on the airtight container.
So, we will get healthy tea from our own garden.


  1. Wow, that's a great idea! I have a fig in the conservatory but the fruits are not that tasty, the wrong variety. I'll go to try to dry the leaves for tea. Good for my husband's too high cholestorol level.

  2. Fig leaves can be made tea? how it taste Endah?

    1. Yes, we can find the herbal tea made of fig leaves on the pharmacy or groceries here. The taste is plain.

  3. Oh this is very interesting Endah. I've read about ice cream made from fresh fig leaves. I shall try this with the leaves from my fig tree. Although it will take considerably more than three hours to air dry in Wales! x

  4. In Portugal they drink a liqueur made from fig leaves. But the herbal tea is something new for me. Thank you for sharing, Endah !